Customer Complaints & Questions #7 – Coming From a Competitor

“My last provider couldn’t deliver on ‘X’ – I want you to deliver”

In a service business like ours, there is always going to be clients moving from company to company looking to get better results after unsatisfactory performances.

 We always welcome new clients, whether they have been with a competitor or not, and also try to learn and grow from the few that decide to depart from the family.

 Client retention is something we hold dear to our heart, as shown by this entire section dedicated to answering your common questions!

 When a client comes to us from a competitor, there are a few common scenarios that take place. Usually, people are quite disgruntled with the whole digital marketing service. We understand that completely as it’s only natural. However, for us to be a successful team, you need to shelve whatever angst you had towards your last company and give us some trust. It’s the only way our relationship will work!

 With your last company, you no doubt had goals that were not met. These goals are probably still right on your agenda.

 The problem that confronts us is that we can’t vouch for our competitors when it comes to setting realistic goals. They may have promised you a #1 ranking for “finance” in the first month, but we know that that goal is completely unrealistic.

 As our Director Ewan Watt says:

“Your business wasn’t a success overnight. The same goes for your digital marketing campaign.”

 So, whilst we want to hear your goals and what you would like to achieve, we will also do an analysis of what our experts think is realistic. Sometimes, this is breaking it to you that ranking #1 for “finance” is a few years off for your small-time brokerage.

 Big goals take time, money and hard work – something we look forward to doing with you over our journey together.

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