Customer Complaints & Questions #9 – New to SEO

“I have never done SEO before. What do I need to know?”

We get a multitude of customers here at that are new to the field of SEO. Teaching and guiding customers through their first experiences in SEO is something we love to do – it was one of the reasons that our director Ewan Watt founded the company.

SEO can be a big and confusing topic if you try and jump into it without any direction. We always applaud our customers for improving their knowledge – it gives us a chance to talk better strategy with you – but it pays to be wary. There are a lot of opinions out there on how to run an SEO campaign. Get on the wrong track and it’s easy to get lost (believe us, we have been there!)


If you are interested in getting to know the basics of SEO, there are some great, credible resources out there. Start with these:

Know your deal

You also need to understand the service you are being offered. Our Business Development Team will ensure they are very clear with you at the point of sale as to what is included in your contract.

If you are unsure on anything, ask them straight away. We’d rather get these questions at the beginning rather than down the track when you think you have signed up to a PPC campaign and you find out you haven’t. This is a rare occurrence, but still something that needs to be checked! We do the exact same thing on our end!

Find out how can ROI help you to implement SEO strategies here.

The last thing to know? Trust us. We are here to help!

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