Customer Questions & Complaints #6 – Google Updates

”What is a Google update and how do they impact my website?”

A Google Update is something that Google regularly rolls out throughout the year to improve their search results. It’s essentially a bunch of changes they have made to their algorithm that are packaged together and released as one big update.

 There are minor updates, which are just tweaks and don’t usually cause a stir, then there are major updates, which usually target a certain area of improvement. These areas could be something like duplicate content across different websites, spammy articles or poor link profiles.

Why are you talking about Pandas and Penguins?

Google names each of it’s updates in a quirky way. It’s not us trying to be funny! The major updates get a name and then minor updates are usually a subset of that name. So you get a major Panda update – Panda 2.0 – then you can get minor updates – Panda 2.1, 2.2 etc – after that.

How does all this change my SEO strategy?

If your website has been handled badly in the past, it can easily get hit by an update. adheres as strictly as possible to Google’s guidelines to ensure our clients aren’t hit by any subsequent updates. Unfortunately we can’t say as much for other providers.

 Rarely, a website may get wrongly penalised by a Google update. If this happens to you, there is a process of revaluation that can take place. That’s something we can help you with should this worst case occur.

 Ultimately, Google’s updates are nothing to worry about. We let you know about them and their impacts so you are aware of what we are doing. Whilst these updates aren’t made known until they are released, they aren’t took much of a surprise for us in the know!

 You can see a full list of updates here.


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