ROI.COM.AU Digital Update Episode 4

We’re back with another “Digital Update” here at ROI.COM.AU, our latest fortnightly series on digital marketing.

In this episode three content marketing specialists from ROI.COM.AU, Rob, Nadia and Rochelle, discuss their thoughts and experience on how best to start a social media campaign, what you should keep in mind and show an example of a successful client story.

Social Media has become such a phenomenon, that we’re now finding companies are requesting to be on every platform available. This is great news for us! However, a truly successful campaign, that generates engagement, grows your brand and brings in new leads and sales, needs to be given a lot of thought.

Our tips are:
1. Know your audience (existing or new customers)

2. Outline what you want to gain out of your campaign (sales, leads, brand growth or retention)

3. Establish where your desired audience hang out online (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn….)

4. Understand the lifestyle of your audience and what they are interested in (this will help direct the visuals and messaging for the campaigns)

5. Put a strategy together around this, to ensure what you’re measuring is based on exactly what you want to achieve.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or questions, please reply and we’ll try include these in our next episode.


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