Tool Review #1: Spotlight on Google Docs

Is it really the be all and end all?

In the world of digital marketing it pays to be at the forefront of online technology, and these days it is all about cloud storage; being able to save documents and files online for easier access just about anywhere.

No longer do you need to fumble around for that tiny USB stick in your pocket or briefcase when you’re at a client meeting; all it takes is an internet connection, valid login details and you can access your important work files on any computer. This is why a tool like Google Docs is so favored by digital marketing professionals everywhere.

The benefits of using Google Docs

Aside from the aforementioned convenience factor, there are numerous benefits to using Google Docs:

  • User friendly – its applications, many of them free, are very similar to programs commonly used in the Microsoft Office suite. If you’ve used MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint, you’ll be able to use Google’s equivalent word processing, spreadsheet or presentation applications, plus countless more.
  • Reduced risk of losing files – being saved in ‘the cloud’ means that your important documents aren’t lost to damaged USB sticks or some other form of corrupted storage media.
  • The ability to share and edit content in real time – Google Docs allows you to send a document to a client and then make alterations to it as they view it. You can discuss the finer points of the document and make the necessary changes during the discussion.

The disadvantages of Google Docs

As with most (if not all) software packages, there is always areas for improvement.

  • Needs better optimisation for tablet users – while Google Docs is accessible on tablets, its functionality is somewhat limited.
  • Inaccessible without an internet connection – while the ‘cloud storage’ factor gives you added security, you need to have a working internet connection to be able to access your Google Docs files.

Google Docs is by all means a useful tool for anyone in the digital marketing arena; the benefits far outweigh the faults. If you want convenience, versatility and security in a digital marketing tool – and why wouldn’t you? – then check out Google Docs for your business today.

RATING: 6.5/10

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