Questions and Complaints #14: What is a ‘Call to Action’ and Why Do I Need One?

So you have a fantastic website design, enticing content, and fast-loading pages, but you’re just not getting any leads – where’s the gap? You may have failed to include that all-important yet often overlooked ‘call to action’ (CTA).

Often overlooked but one of the most important elements of a page, a call to action is one of the most effective ways to capture more leads through your website. The more compelling it is, the more likely your visitors will turn into customers.

What is a Call to Action?

Simply put, a call to action (CTA) is a clear statement or request, instructing your visitors on what to do or how to reach a specific goal on your website. For some businesses, it may be to sign up to a mailing list; for others, it could be that push needed to pick up the phone to purchase an advertised product. How you implement your call to action is dependent on your site’s tone and your objectives.

Why do I need a Call to Action?

It’s not enough to drive traffic to your website – you need to instil in your visitor the desire to buy your product, test out your samples, or use your services.  A clear and concise call to action will help you achieve this.

A strong call to action will ideally turn your potential customers into buyers, who will then become regular customers. It is basically an overt, “Do this!” command that is intended to give your visitors that subliminal psychological push to follow through.

A subtle call to action can be as simple as the wording of a menu option or a gentle recommendation such as, “Let’s work together.”

Whichever direction you wish to go, a call to action is essential for every page.

How to Use a Call to Action

Here are some tips that marketers use when implementing a call to action:

  • Don’t hide your CTA where nobody can see them
  • Don’t use the same or similar colours in your CTAs as the page’s background – you want it to stand out and catch the attention of your visitor
  • Make your CTA ‘clickable’
  • Align the CTA with the buyer’s interest and needs
  • Be short and concise with your CTAs
  • Include a value being offered, if possible

If you would like more ideas on how to create enticing call to action buttons on your website, speak with the conversions team at today.

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