Questions and Complaints #13: What is the Benefit of Hiring an SEO Agency?

If you have a business with a website, you may already be aware of the importance of search engine rankings. A spot on the first page of Google has become the Holy Grail of internet marketing, because this dream will be far from reality for millions of businesses.

In order to improve your Google search performance, a significant amount of time, capital, efforts, and resources will need to be implemented. If you find yourself asking, “What is the benefit of working with an SEO agency when I can just do it myself?” the roundabout answer is, yes of course you can do it yourself – but pay heed to the fact that it requires a great deal of patience and hard work. Do you have what it takes outrank your competitors and claim a first page ranking on Google?

If you’re like numerous other businesses, you’ll probably think that this is an impossible task for you to achieve. The good news is that having a customised SEO campaign to handle your online presence isn’t half as expensive as you might think. More and more businesses are utilising SEO agencies to help achieve their goals instead of doing it themselves – and here’s why:

  1. Experience: When you need someone working on your search marketing campaign, you need the best in the industry, and the best can only come from experience. has years of experience in helping Australian businesses reach the first page on Google. Don’t take a risk with amateurs – your business is your livelihood.
  2. Knowing the changing landscape of digital marketing: if you don’t know your Penguin from your Panda, then you might be in a little bit over your head. The team at isacross every update and algorithm of Google, and we know what practices are ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat’. As search marketing is constantly changing and growing, our team makes it our business to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Drawing on a pool of resources: At, you’ll be in touch with PPC specialists, SEO specialists, website designers, a conversions team, and content writers who know the ins and outs of their area of expertise. You can expect a professional standard of work every time.

Without risk, there can be no return on investment – if done correctly, the rewards will far outweigh the costs of hiring an SEO agency. If you want a reputable and trusted SEO agency to help your business, choose For more information on what we can do for you, contact us today.

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