review on Boomerang for Gmail

It’s only a question of time for Google’s new application

With emails constantly flooding from morning until night, and alerts about meetings or important tasks going off throughout the day, it’s a mild annoyance at best and can disrupt your work flow at worst. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem – introducing Boomerang for Gmail by Baydin.

This handy little email scheduling plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome adds a time dimension to Gmail for Google Apps accounts. Even if your computer is offline or completely shut down, Boomerang for Gmail will send your email to go out in an hour, or tomorrow, or next month – anytime in the future for whenever you have scheduled it.

Three features of Boomerang for Gmail

    1. 1. You can send an email at a later date or time. This neat little feature means that you can type up an email and then choose when you want to send it. Simply notify Boomerang the date and time at which you wish to send the email via a calendar or even a text box. Then, Boomerang automatically sends the email on the specified time and date.


    1. 2. Keep your inbox clean and clear with Boomerang Reminders. If you have messages that are not needed temporarily, they are kept out of your inbox by Boomerang. These are automatically retrieved when you want them – the emails are available at the top of your inbox, notified with a star-mark. These are really handy when you need reminders to take action on messages when the time is appropriate.


  1. 3. Boomerang has a response tracking feature that reminds you to follow up with people if you don’t hear back within a given amount of time. This feature places your sent message at the top of your inbox if you don’t hear back within the chosen time frame, alerting you to follow up with another email.

Three limitations of Boomerang for Gmail

  • Boomerang is limited in that it is only available for Gmail and only in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • You will need to grant Boomerang access to your Gmail messages for it to work – this can be a problem for those who like to keep things private or sensitive
  • The editing scheduled emails is quite detailed, and not so straight forward

Final thought?

You’ll never forget to follow up on an email, you’ll be able to send and receive emails when you want, and you can keep track of messages that require responses – Boomerang for Gmail is a great plugin that provides multiple benefits to any business or individual.

Rating: 9/10

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