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The all-in-one solution to manage your websites

Let’s say you’re a large business with hundreds of registered domains – how do you monitor them all? How do you check for downtime or whether your domain hasn’t been blacklisted? And what about those security loopholes – who is handling those tricky problems? Websites don’t just run themselves, you know.

Thankfully, for all the busy website publishers out there, you can rely on Dominder. This relatively new and easy-to-use online application manages your websites for you by taking control of behind-the-scenes maintenance tasks. Launched in 2012, Dominder is already a popular application for many domain owners.

There are several features that can help you to better manage your domains, of which will be further explained here.

Main features of Dominder

  • Reminders: You can define notification periods for domain and hosting expiration as well as renewal time. This feature is similar to other domain registrars.
  • Monitoring: Once you have added your domains to Dominder, the application will monitor them for downtime, as well as keep track of average response time. You can also set other notification options.
  • Security: Dominder will scan your website against blacklists and antivirus databases to ensure your domains are safe and secure.
  • Whois: After selecting a domain from your dashboard, click on Whois in the left sidebar and view all of the relevant information, including registrar, name servers, and owner contact.
  • Notes: Add the name and contact information for your hosting company or SEO contact, or even jot down some short plans for future development.
  • Finances: This is arguably one of the best features – you can keep track of your finances by adding, editing, and deleting transactions. You can also see money coming in and out based on the current month or the previous month.

Like all applications, there are some limitations. For example, with the Note feature, there is no undo and there is no time stamp for revisions beyond the latest change. Additionally, you can’t export your data from Finances (yet!) Also, users get 5 free SMS credits when they sign up, but they have to pay extra to receive additional SMS notifications.

If you’re looking for an effective and easy way to monitor your domains without too much hassle, Dominder is the way to go.

Rating: 8/10

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