Top Ten: PPC Blogs You Should Know

Get the right advice for more cost effective PPC management

If you’re looking to kick start or advance your Google Adwords campaign, it always helps to have an understanding of what is considered best practice around the globe. This Top Ten focuses on some of the best PPC blogs around at present, providing you with a comprehensive range of quality information to assist you with your PPC campaign.

If your business is undertaking AdWords or alike, following the advice of these industry experts may help you run a more cost effective campaign.

1. PPC Hero

Published by Hanapin Marketing in Bloomington, Indiana, PPC hero offers regular posts each day focusing on AdWords and other platforms. Also offering a guide to Pay Per Click, covering quality score and beginners AdWords set-up, PPC Hero is a great resource for rookies and more advanced AdWords users.

2. PPC Blog

PPC Blog posts roughly once per month on specific aspects of pay-per-click advertising presented with interesting view points, quality easy-to-read infographics and screen shots demonstrating their view.

3. Certified Knowledge

Brad Geddes is something of a guru in PPC marketing and previously blogged on bgtheory. Brad also runs seminars and hosts a radio show on marketing so it’s little surprise that Certified Knowledge offers such quality advice on PPC. Premium users can sign up and receive PPC lessons, tools and a library of other important pay-per-click info.

4. 6s Marketing

6s Marketing is an internet marketing company based in Vancouver, Canada that blogs widely – on PPC and other internet marketing topics. Supported by video, awesome infographics and a number of blog contributors, this is a great blog from a business with their finger on the pulse of online marketing.

5. Joanna Lord

A self confessed ‘online marketing maniac’, Seattle-based Joanna Lord offers an insightful individual view of the PPC landscape. Joanna has industry experience that spans PPC and a wide range of other internet marketing platforms. Providing detailed (if infrequent) posts and really solid PPC advice in a light hearted, yet informative tone.

6. AdWords Blog

Google’s very own AdWords blog is the place to go if you’ve got any queries regarding your PPC Ads or to discover first hand the latest updates to the Google AdWords platform. Google also post some very informative articles that can assist to improve your campaign.

7. Beyond the Paid

Consistent, quality weekly posts on pay-per-click advertising are the hallmark of this well-established blog. An extensive archive of detailed blog posts are worth exploring for some valuable insights into making small improvements to any pay-per-click campaigns.

8. Clix Marketing

Clix Marketing blog posts are somewhat sporadic but there is a wealth of information to refer to across a wide range of pay-per-click topics, including sections on both AdWords and Yahoo! Advertising.

9. Gordon Choi

Another individual blog, Gordon Choi focuses on PPC amongst a range of other Internet Marketing topics. As well as advice on how best to use the Content Network, understanding AdWords reports and tips on conversion tracking, there is also regular posts on using Web Analytics and SEO making a feature in this handy blog.

10. Click Equations

Haven’t heard much from Craig Danuloff lately, or Alex Cohen but Click Equations is still a very useful reference point for PPC advertisers. Offering detailed posts which focus on the strategies, tactics and tools that form a basis of the PPC sphere, Click Equations combines news with theory to deliver a well-rounded blog that teaches and informs.

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