Tool Review #2: Screaming Frog

How using Screaming Frog will make your life better

As digital marketers, many of us have our own area of expertise that forms part of a bigger picture. From content writers to account managers to SEO specialists, everyone plays their part in putting together a successful SEO campaign for their client, but all this work is futile if the website is not operating at its best. One of the most effective and efficient ways to check that a website isn’t suffering from dead links, duplicated content (including titles and meta descriptions) and 404 Not Found pages is with Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog is a fantastic piece of software that crawls your website and gives you a wealth of information about its performance. As a digital marketer it is sure to make your life better; here is why:

1)      It’s Free! – A free software application that indexes up to 500 internal pages, Screaming Frog is readily available to download at no charge.

2)      It’s incredibly user friendly! – All you need to do is enter the URL in the box at the top of the screen, hit enter and away you go! You can filter the results to show just HTML, images, flash components plus much more.

3)      It’s comprehensive! – Once the site has been crawled you’ll be able to uncover a wealth of potential SEO problems, including pages that are not found, duplicated title tags and meta descriptions, H1s and H2s that are not optimized and images that are not optimized with alt tags. And that’s merely scratching the surface.

Potential limitations and problems with Screaming Frog

For a free piece of software, there is surprisingly little to fault with Screaming Frog. If I had to come up with anything though, I would say:

1)      There is the fact that it can only crawl up to 500 internal pages, which could potentially be an issue for some e-Commerce websites, but for most websites this would be of little concern.

2)      For more advanced SEO practitioners who perhaps want to crawl a little deeper through a website, Screaming Frog might be considered a little too ‘superficial’ for their needs.

All in all though, as far as SEO tools for digital marketers go, Screaming Frog is one of the best. Cost effective (as most free things are) and user friendly, it is a software application that should be a part of every digital marketer’s daily work. And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, why not?

 RATING: 9/10




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