Tool Review #7: cognitiveSEO

As any link analyst or SEO engineer will tell you, constantly checking the rankings and performance of a website is extremely time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if the SEO community was given a one-of-a-kind tool that would make their lives easier, without having to spend thousands of dollars on several SEO tools? If this sounds too good to be true, then you’re mistaken – what you’re looking for is cognitiveSEO, an SEO toolset that is focused on in-depth analysis of ranking signals.

Since Raven Tools announced earlier this year that they were no longer offering keyword ranking data, the SEO community was up in shambles. However, the new (and dare we say) better alternative is cognitiveSEO. This innovative tool boasts that it will help you outrank your SEO competition, easily.

How cognitiveSEO outranks other link management tools

There are some major features that provide a distinct advantage to any business and would benefit any link analyst by making work more efficient, convenient, and easy:

  • Backlink Reports: This tool offers the most updated backlink reports in a fast and timely matter. This information can also be exported easily, and it lets you create hundreds of backlink reports every month.
  • Inbound Link Analysis: This feature shows your top linking sub domains for the website you are analysing, as well as the most/least used anchor texts from the indexed back link profile. This also provides a more in-depth analysis by telling you if your link is a ‘do follow’ or ‘no follow’ link, if it is an image, and where the link is placed, as well as visibility and context. Use more filters to tell you whether the link is from a blog, generic, or from a news website. Last but not least, it allows you to export the data as a .csv file at any point!
  • Link Management: Automatically monitors all the links on the web. It tells you which links are live and which are broken. The best part is that you receive an alert whenever any issue arises.
  • Regular Rank Tracking: In addition to providing the monitoring of keywords for your website, it also allows you to enter your competitors and compare the changes in ranking of the keywords on a daily basis.
  • SEO Project Management: Assign tasks to multiple users and create to-do lists. This is extremely advantageous as it will organise your work and help in measuring your link building efforts.

Final thoughts?

The best feature of cognitiveSEO is by far the in-depth inbound link analysis. While no SEO tool is without limitations, there only two to note: the first being social media analysis is not possible yet and the second would be the link data sources limitation.

Despite these two setbacks, cognitiveSEO will provide your business with some great link analysis as compared to other link management tools.

Rating: 9/10

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