Top Ten: Basic SEO Videos

Some of the best videos to gain an understanding of SEO

With so much information online in relation to SEO, it’s hard to decipher what is good and what is not. Here’s a list of ten videos which will take your knowledge of SEO from zero to a level worthy of taking your SEO strategy to a satisfactory level.

1. How to get better visibility on Google

Google engineer Matt Cutts outlines the basics of getting your website noticed on search engine ranking results. This basically focuses on how you write content relevant to your target audience would search, rather than how you would describe your business – simple advice which really works.

2. Search Engine Optimisation Tutorial

This is one of the more detailed beginner’s videos and offers some great advice on keyword research, on-page and off-page optimisation. The video is around for about three years and has clocked over 300,000 views, which demonstrates that it’s a popular source for basic SEO information.

3. What are some examples of SEO misinformation?

This is the second Matt Cutts video on our list – there are plenty more on Google Webmaster Central Channel on YouTube, which go into varying degrees of detail. This one is one of our favourites because it dispels some of the SEO myths out there, straight from the horse’s mouth (Google that is, not Matt Cutts).

4. Create Google & SEO Friendly Page Titles

Title tags are the most important element of any SEO strategy and this video explains how to get them right. It’s one of a number of videos from on search engine optimisation.

5. Search Engine Optimisation/SEO in 3 minutes

The newest video on our list – it’s only a couple of weeks old. This video from Common Craft and is a great explanation of the concept of SEO.

6. Getting Found on Google

Here’s a video from This video explains the opportunity the internet can provide for Australian businesses in terms of generating web traffic and new sales opportunities.

7. How Does Search Engine Optimisation work?

This is a pretty basic video which explains the basic of on and off page SEO and how it all works – backed by and instrumental version of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole lotta love’.

8. Google site:command

This video is almost five years old, but pretty useful nonetheless. It’s one of a number of videos from on the basics of SEO from, this one explains how to use the site: search operator in Google. Gareth Davies & co. also offer helpful tutorial videos on title tags and meta descriptions.

9. How to get high rankings in Google, SEO

This tutorial from, basically looks at ways of getting social and article links to your website, which leads to an increased PageRank and better rankings.

10. Intro to Search Engine Optimisation

This video explains the various elements of SEO and why it is important to any online business. It’s enough to get an understanding of the basics of SEO.

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