Top Ten: Paid SEO Tools

Don’t rush into buying paid SEO tools

Getting to the top of Google’s first page is a long process in most industries, so any legitimate shortcut or time saver should be carefully considered – if it delivers a return on your investment and doesn’t run contrary to Google’s guidelines.

Here’s a list of paid SEO tools which may help to advance your SEO campaign to the next level. You may also be interested in outsourcing your SEO to an industry leading SEO service.

 1.       SEOmoz PRO

Pro membership at SEOmoz starts at $99 per month and SEOmoz is undoubtedly the biggest and best SEO community with the principle benefit of membership being unlimited access to Open Site Explorer or integrating data into in-house applications using the SEOmoz API.

 2.       Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is rated by many SEOs as the most advanced backlink analysis tool available. With Yahoo Site Explorer on the way out, it’s likely that Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer will battle for the top spot in terms of backlink analysis. At present, Majestic SEO tends to capture more links than OSE (as does Yahoo Site Explorer) but with SEOmoz you get other tools as part of your package.

 3.       SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a collection of easy-to-use SEO tools which takes a lot of the grunt work out of doing search engine optimisation. At a once-off fee for Professional and Enterprise Editions, SEO Powersuite offers four distinct tools making it a cost-effective one stop shop for upgrading your SEO performance.

 4.       Market Samurai

Keywords are the most important part of building a SEO strategy. Finding the right keywords and targeting quick-wins over the Hail Mary all-eggs-in-one-basket effort is where SEO campaigns find traction. Market Samurai is a very useful tool for evaluating keywords and competition for those terms. At $149 and no recurring cost, it’s a relatively inexpensive tool for looking to advance any SEO campaign.

 5.       Experian Hitwise

If you require more advanced competitor and customer analysis than what is possible with free tools, Hitwise is a popular platform. Offering daily updates on consumer behaviour and competitive activity, Hitwise is a valuable tool for a comprehensive business growth strategy, not just for SEO. However, the data presented probably isn’t all that helpful to smaller businesses.

 6.       Raven

Raven starts at $90 per month and checks up to 1000 keyword rankings across unlimited sites, so it suits small agencies or people managing multiple sites rather than an in-house SEO effort for one site. As well as keyword analysis and wordtracker tools and a user-friendly analytics interface, useful additional extras include social media and PPC ad management tools.

 7.       SE Cockpit

SE Cockpit is offers an in-depth insight into keyword data and is particularly useful for discovering the difference between buying keywords and research keywords. It also provides excellent depth on competitiveness of keywords, which can then be filtered to suit your SEO campaign.

 8.       Buzz Stream

Starting at $29 monthly, Buzz Stream is a valuable tool for websites that require large scale link capabilities. However unless your on-page optimisationand general SEO strategy is watertight, advanced linking isn’t advised. It’s a common mistake to invest in a links-only approach to SEO – if your on-page work isn’t right, links work can’t be right.

 9.       SEO Clarity

seoClarity is a tool for advanced search engine optimisation strategies with advanced statistical modeling taking your SEO review beyond the basics of rankings, traffic and competitor analysis.

 10.   Get Clicky

Get Clicky offers real time web analytics which is really useful for anyone managing a time-sensitive SEO campaign. With Get Clicky, you can react to live data but this requires a more intimate knowledge of behaviour of your target market in terms of understanding trends.

Before investing in a paid SEO tool, it’s important to know where your shortfall lies. Perhaps you’ve already nailed keyword research – for example if you run AdWords the Matched Search Query report can be more insightful than any keyword tool. Don’t rush into buy a SEO tool expecting it to do all the work for you – like any tool, you still need to make it work.

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