Top Ten: Search Engine Marketing Blogs

Underpinning the value of regular content updates

If you’re happy that you have managed to cover the basics of search engine optimisation and have a SEO strategy that performs at a satisfactory level, advancing that strategy may be made possible by following the insightful advice of industry insiders.

For this top ten, learning from these guys is in some ways a case of “do as we do and not as we say” – a lot of what can be learned from these guys is in the fact that they publish regular, quality content which is partly why they are so visible on the web.



SEOMoz is where it’s at for blogging in the world of search engine optimisation. Their Whiteboard Friday segment has developed an almost-religious congregation of loyal followers and they regularly address the latest industry trends and importantly, the potential impact they are likely to have on the lives of SEO professionals. The full benefits of SEOmoz are reserved for PRO members but nonetheless, this is the premier go-to for anyone involved in online marketing.

2. Search Engine Land

Edited by Danny Sullivan, who has been doing SEO since we were in ShEOrt pants, Search Engine Land is the finger on the pulse of the search engine industry. Providing commentary on search engines for 15 years, Sullivan is something of a pioneer and very much a respected voice amongst the masses offering opinions on the web.

3. Search Engine Watch

Danny Sullivan’s old stomping ground was one described as “must read” material by Google’s Matt Cutts. Providing several new insights on a daily basis, there is a wealth of information to chew on, reaching beyond SEO to PPC, Social Media and much more.

4. SEOBook


Posts on SEOBook are not as frequent as other leading SEO Blogs and there is an obvious peppering of self promotion but the content is generally of a very good quality. Like the blogs above, the SEOBook blog posts are usually supported by images and videos which gives a large degree of credibility and authority to what they are saying.

5. YOUmoz


YOUmoz is the user generated content blog from SEOmoz. It’s a valuable community of shared content from industry professionals facing the same challenges – some of which you think, “nah, we’re already doing that”, but some of which you think “what an awesome idea, let’s try that!”. Staying tuned to YOUmoz on a consistent basis can assist anyone looking to advance their SEO campaign – even SEO pros at an advanced level.

6. Search Engine RoundTable


Another blog regularly updated with the latest news from around the world of SEO, Search Engine RoundTable has been producing opinion and advice on search engine marketing since 2003, with Barry Schwartz and is a popular source of information for industry professionals.

7. Search Engine Journal

Another blog offering loads of information, Search Engine Journal provides regular updates on what’s happening within the industry and also analyses their potential effect on the ROI of online marketers. In operation since 2003, SEJ has a mix of in-house and external contributors, which adds significant balance to the commentary they produce.

8. Daily SEO Tip

Daily SEO Tip provides (almost) daily advice on SEO with contributions from in-house and external experts. Worth a read for anyone trying to make gradual improvements to an existing campaign, rather than trying to build a comprehensive understanding of SEO in a short time frame.

9. Search Engine Guide

Probably one of the lesser-knowns in some regards but a great blog particularly for their target audience – small business. Each of their posts is categorised by topic and easy to navigate to, so you can find advice quickly for a particular area of interest.

10. SEO Chat

While a lot of the blogs above have some ‘news’ element, SEO Chat tends to be more advice-based with their blog posts and tutorials.

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