Top Ten: Social Media Blogs

A social media presence is a must for Australian businesses in 2011

Social media is a major element of successful online marketing strategies. Crafting that strategy is easier said than done but following the lead of this Top Ten will help you get on the right track. This list is our view on the best social media blogs:

1. Smedio

Smedio is definitely one of our favourite social media blogs. It’s a well structured, easy-to-navigate WordPress blog but the one drawback is the pop-ap ad which seems to take forever to load.


Douglas Idugboe always produces really good topical content, which alerts readers to both the positives and potential negatives of social media.  With regular insights into the world of social media its little surprise that this social media savvy Canadian has amassed almost quarter of a million followers on Twitter. Smedio has other contributors too – all really high standard bloggers – which leads to a great mix of views from one blog.

2. Dave Fleet

Dave Fleet’s blog isn’t updated as regularly as most social media blogs, which underpins the notion of “less is more” when it comes to quality content. produces quality content once a week (sometimes once per fortnight), written with a degree of personalisation, makes this a stand-out blog for anyone looking to understand social media.


His archive dates back to 2005 before social media exploded into the mainstream – there is plenty to offer in terms of credible insights into the online social world.


A little wit goes a long way in social circles and online is no different. This blog covers a range of interesting topics. It’s not all social media advice and how to set your social media strategy straight but it’s an interesting reading most of the time.

This blog demonstrates that in social media, everything you say doesn’t have to be pure gold in terms of value to readers. Sometimes it’s just funny, interesting, or in some way thought provoking. It also shows you don’t need to have amazing graphic design skills to succeed at creating an effective blog.

4. Scott Monty – The Social Media Marketing Blog

Scott is the head of Social Media at Ford and if you have been active on Twitter in recent months you’ve probably heard of him. gives us some excellent blog posts (although we haven’t seen any in a while), especially for anyone aiming to delve into a corporate level social media strategy. This award-winning blog is a great read for those looking to advance their social presence.

5. Olivier Blanchard – The Brand Builder Blog

This is a great blog for marketers looking to advance their social media strategy. It doesn’t win too many awards for style or layout but at the end of the day, it’s a blog and the value of a blog is in the content.

Very much a results and conversion-oriented blog, the Brand Builder Blog is the social side of an organisation delivering comprehensive marketing strategies both online and offline. This long-established blog is always worth a read for anyone looking to integrate social media into their marketing efforts.

6. The Social Media Explorer

Jason Falls is a pretty savvy social media blogger and rampant Twitter user with in excess of 40,000 followers. Backed by a team of contributors, Jason provides a wealth of insights into social media and breaks the mould on the assumption that social media is always a good thing. The thought-provoking and objective views at Social Media Explorer are worth a read before rushing headlong into a social media strategy.

7. Social Media Examiner

Oddly, the branding on this blog seems more suited to the Social Media Explorer – in name if not in context. Regardless, the website is visually appealing and a fantastic advertisement for how to do social media really well.

On the Social Media Examiner, content is regularly updated (almost daily) and personable, with images and infographics to support blog text. Michael Stelzner is less interactive on Twitter but frequently replies to blog comments, which supports the ‘social’ aspect of really quality blogging.

8. Social Mouths

This LA based blog is definitely wins the cool award. Run by Francisco Rosales, Social Mouths is simple in design and layout and doesn’t overdo navigation like we see on so many blogs. Francisco shares a huge amount of helpful advice, not only on creating your social media presence but following the right bloggers and generating worthwhile interactivity. Active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, this guy practices as he preaches in terms of social reach but lacks a little in terms of interaction.

9. Smart Blog on Social Media

This is a social media blog with a more professional look and feel. It deals with everything from starting a social media strategy from scratch to advanced social media strategy. Editor Jesse Stanchak is their Twitter spokesperson and provides some quality information through Twitter but the real value is in paying regular attention to the blog, where regular tips can be the small detail required to take your social media strategy to the next level.

10. The Social Media Guide


The Social Media Guide is the only Australian blog in our Top Ten list. Offering advice and easy-to-follow ‘Cheat Sheets’ on Facebook and Twitter, this blog covers social media and more. Founded by Matthew Tommasi, it’s a blog that definitely represents value to readers and following this guy on Twitter is a must for getting regular nuggets of advice, statistics and more.

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