Top Ten: WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress relies on plugins to make it so SEO friendly

If you want to get the most from your WordPress blog or website in terms of generating organic Google traffic, then installing the best available plugins to assist your SEO campaign is very important. Here is a selection of what we find to be the best WordPress plugins from a SEO perspective:

1. Yoast SEO

Featuring everything from titles, meta descriptions, robots.txt, canonical link elements and breadcrumbs among more, Yoast SEO is the most comprehensive SEO plug-in for WordPress and a must for anyone building a blog or site in WordPress. There are other ‘complete SEO’ plugins but when it comes to an all-in-one plugin, Yoast is number one.

2. SEO Smart Links

Automatically link anchor text in pages and blog posts to corresponding posts and pages in your blog. SEO Smart Links is the easiest way to ensure your internal linking practice is maintained to a high standard and you can even limit the number of links to and from individual pages and posts.

3. Google XML sitemaps

If you intend your site to grow beyond 15 pages, a sitemap is a must from an SEO perspective. This plugin ensures Google bots can crawl your site more easily and ensures your internal pages have a better chance of ranking for relevant key terms.

4. SEO Friendly Images

ALT tags and image titles are often forgotten or deprioritised by bloggers and website owners, or otherwise overlooked. The SEO Friendly Images plugin ensures that this doesn’t happen, adding ALT tags and image titles according to your instructions.

5. Redirection

This plugin is particularly useful for managing 301 redirects and keeping on top of 404 errors. If you intend to migrate your site to WordPress from another platform, Redirection is really useful. Also, when you change URLs in WordPress, Redirection ensures 301 redirects are done automatically.

6. Super Cache

Site speed is an important issue now and has become a ranking factor. The Super Cache plugin serves static HTML versions of you web pages to up to 99% of website visitors, ensuring the slower PHP versions don’t have to be loaded – which ultimately accounts for site speed.

7. SEO Blogroll

With the SEO Blogroll plug-in, you get to control which blogroll links are nofollow. You can also create and categorise different link boxes in your sidebar or footer and decide whether or not to make them nofollow.

8. Scribe SEO

The Scribe SEO plugin analyses blog posts for keyword density and optimisation. Giving each posts a score of between 1-100, Scribe identifies how well you are doing in terms of optimising posts for specific keywords and highlights which keywords are most evident in each post. Scribe is a great tool if keyword density is an issue but you pay for the privilege with staggered monthly payments based on usage – hiring a content writer is likely to be more effective for many websites.

9. Add This

One of a number of social networking and bookmarking plugin, Add This is around since 2007 and offers great functionality when it comes to trying to extend the visibility of you content amongst like-minded audiences. As you can see below, we use Add This at

10. Sexy Bookmarks

If you intend to use social media as a means of extending your reach on the internet, you won’t go far wrong with SexyBookmarks from Shareaholic. The name and tagline (‘Sharing is sexy!’) puts a different spin on social bookmarking. An extremely popular plug-in, SexyBookmarks makes social bookmarking a lot easier to manage.

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