The ROI Wrap: Is An Apple Search Engine On The Way?


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Welcome to the ROI WRAP – our snack-sized regular roundup of news, views, tips and tricks from the most influential and authoritative minds in digital marketing from around the globe.

Every week our Content Team will dig deep into the endless resources of the Net to bring you the best blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts and much more to help drive your online business forward. We’ll also slip in our take on where you should be focusing your efforts in the fast changing digital marketing environment.


It has been a big week in search engine news with Google’s five-year contract as the default search engine on Apple devices reportedly coming to an end. While pundits are citing Yahoo or Microsoft as potential replacements, rumours are also circulating that Apple may be developing a competing search engine of its own.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for Google with the announcement that a deal has been made with Twitter for Tweets to appear in search engine results.

We also explore the single most important component of email marketing and separate fact from fiction surrounding Google’s Penguin “Penalty”.

For those wanting to use social media more effectively, we have an article on the best times of the day to post and another on how to post if you don’t have enough time. Of course, if you don’t know where to start or how to get traction with a social media presence for your business, check out our social media pages to see if we can help get you on track.

And don’t go past the articles on digital marketing trends for 2015 and eight SEO techniques that you should know.

As usual, we supply the Tweets of the Week and the latest episode of Digital TV is out. This week our founder and director talks about why big data is a big deal for businesses of all sizes and how Market Snapshot – our free SEO tool – highlights opportunities most business owners are not aware of.


Tweets Of The Week





Will Apple Have Its Own Search Engine?

With Google’s tenure as Apple’s default search engine coming to an end, speculation is rife that Apple may launch a rival search engine.


Official: Twitter To Give Google Access To “Firehose” Of Tweets

A new deal has been reached that will allow Tweets to appear in Google search results.


What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media

A handy infographic that walks you through the best days and times to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.




How to Share to Social Media if You Don’t Have Time

Are you struggling to find the time to post on social media? This useful piece provides tips and tricks to solve this problem.


3 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Start in 2015

Images and videos, mobile, and native advertising make the list of the top digital marketing trends for 2015. This article tells you why.


The Myth of the Penguin “Penalty”

Blogger Chuck Price busts five myths about Google Penguin’s penalty.


The #1 Secret of Email Marketing

What is the number one secret to email marketing? We’re not going to spoil it! Read on to find out.




4 Design Trends That Will Survive 2015

Web design is continuously changing, but some trends last longer than others. Find out which trends are still safe to use in 2015.


8 Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques Your Boss Expects You to Know

SEO Blogger Ben Oren provides an in-depth list of eight practices for On-Page SEO.


Everything You Need to Know About Online Reviews [INFOGRAPHIC]

84% of all consumers read online reviews is just one of the many facts you’ll learn in this in-depth infographic.


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