The ROI Wrap: Are Google Going Silent on Algorithm Updates?

Google Announcing Updates Less Frequently

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Mobilegeddon is coming. But are changes to search engine algorithms occurring that we’re not aware of? The facts show that Google is flagging algorithm updates less frequently than in the past. Our story of the week crunches the numbers to find out why this may be the case and reveals how to stay ahead of the curve.

Also this week, read about why all business owners and marketing professionals should know at least a little bit about Search Engine Optimisation.

On the news front, Yahoo and Google continue to compete for Firefox users, while a widespread bug played havoc with Google AdWords.

And as usual, we have our Tweets of the Week, a quote from the CEO and we explain what a landing page is in our What Is section.

Finally, from everyone here at, we would like to wish all our readers a happy Easter. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe break.

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Tweets Of The Week




Blog of the Week:

They Fooled Us All: Why Google May No Longer Announce Major Algorithm Updates

Are Google making less announcements about algorithm changes? The data seems to support this. Find out why Google is moving in this direction and what it means to you.


How to Use Facebook Organic Post Targeting

Do you want a free way to target the right kind of people on Facebook to receive more engagement on your posts? Read this how-to guide now.


The Evolution of Keyword Research Tools [Infographic]

When did keyword research begin? And where is it going? Read the fascinating history behind this SEO staple.



Evolution of man to computer slouch


Why Every Business Owner Needs to Know a Little Something about SEO

PR and marketing maven Shelley Pringle describes her personal experience of not knowing enough about SEO and how it affected her website.


10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in Content Marketing

“Writing a blog is time-consuming and coming up with new ideas is difficult.” Stop the excuse! Here’s 10 reasons to motivate you to start your content marketing journey.


6 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Track Your Brand

Are you monitoring your company’s brand online? It’s vital in order to engage and respond when appropriate. This list provides six time-savers that make monitoring all the more easier.


Advertisers Reporting Big Google AdWords Quality Score Declines

A widespread bug affecting the reporting of Google AdWords quality score was found this week. Google has since rolled out a fix. Were you affected?


Bug dead on computer chip


5 Reasons Why Every Business Must Embrace Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Has Your Business taken the plunge into Social Media Marketing? If you’re still sitting on the sidelines, this may help focus your mind.


How to Write Headlines that Get Results

Are you struggling with your headlines for blog posts. Listen to this quick podcast to learn why list headlines work and how to add urgency to your headlines.


Yahoo Asking Firefox Users To Make Yahoo Search Their Default Search Engine

First, Firefox made Yahoo its default search engine. Then Google begged users to switch through a banner alert. Now, Yahoo is copying Google and asking people to switch back.


What Is…

A Landing Page?

Landing page paper air plane
“A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at, or land on, after clicking an external link. In marketing terms, it is a page that has been created for a single purpose – lead generation.”
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Quote from the ROI CEO

EWAN WATT: “Google have been very proactive about letting website owners know about the coming changes but our research shows that up to 66 per cent of small and medium businesses are at risk of losing their search engine rankings or even becoming invisible,’’
Rules For Search Set To Roam– Herald Sun 1/4/15


Why do you think Google is announcing less algorithm updates? What are your headline writing tips? Which social media monitoring tools do you recommend? We’d love your feedback. Start a conversation below.

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