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Welcome to the ROI WRAP – our snack-sized regular roundup of news, views, tips and tricks from the most influential and authoritative minds in digital marketing from around the globe.

Every week our Content Team will dig deep into the endless resources of the Net to bring you the best blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts and much more to help drive your online business forward. We’ll also slip in our take on where you should be focusing your efforts in the fast changing digital marketing environment.

In this week’s ROI Wrap, we highlight the best resources to help turbo charge your mobile SEO, and discover new ways to mix your branding and keyword strategies.

Don’t miss the 2015 size-guide infographic if you frequently upload images on social media. Also, read about Twitter’s efforts to dissuade users from sharing Instagram links.

On the news front, we saw Bing trying to copy Google and Facebook’s attempts to remove hoaxes from their news feeds.

We also bring you a list of 15 podcasters in the startup realm. And don’t miss a fun take on how Taylor Swift might sing about SEO.


Stop Procrastinating: It’s Time To Address Mobile SEO

Find out why mobile SEO is vital for your business and what you should be doing about it.

Search Engine Optimisation on mobiles


Making Your Brand and Keyword Strategy Work Together

Learn the difference between branding and keyword strategies and how to marry the two concepts.


2015 Social Media Image Sizes

A valuable infographic that provides the current image sizes for eight of the most used social media platforms.


Bing Also Testing Google’s Search Design Interface

Are changes coming to Bing? The second most popular search engine in the world has been caught testing a Google-like design.


Twitter really doesn’t want its top users to share Instagram links anymore

The micro-blogging site has sent out prompts to high-profile users, asking them to directly load pictures on Twitter rather than tweeting Instagram links.


The Risks of Content Marketing 

Content marketing is growing, but what are the risks and how do you avoid them?

The Risks of Content Marketing


Is Your SEO Killing It or Getting Killed?

Why SEO strategies should always be agile. Also, how articles that can work in references to both World War Z and The Walking Dead get bonus points!


While you were away…

Twitter announces a new feature to show select catch up Tweets between bouts of inactivity.


News Feed FYI: Showing Fewer Hoaxes

With users’ news feeds being clogged up with fake stories and scams, Facebook launches new initiative to flag these types of stories.


15 Startup Podcasters You Need To Follow

A great list of Podcasts that will teach you everything from SEO to product development. Learn from a variety of entrepreneurs and experts.


Finally, a little bit of fun. Here’s a great cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space but with SEO lyrics.


Quote from the ROI CEO

Ewan Watt - CEO of
EWAN WATT: “Think about how you use your smart phone when accessing the Internet, do you search the same as on your desktop? Do you search local? Do you want information fast? Smart phone search is unique and different. if you want to connect to your audience better than your competition, treat mobile as a channel not a device.”

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