The ROI Wrap: Are You Prepared For “Mobilegeddon”?

Mobile websites a ranking signal by Google

Edition 8

Welcome to the ROI WRAP – our snack-sized regular roundup of news, views, tips and tricks from the most influential and authoritative minds in digital marketing from around the globe.

Every week our Content Team will dig deep into the endless resources of the Net to bring you the best blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts and much more to help drive your online business forward. We’ll also slip in our take on where you should be focusing your efforts in the fast changing digital marketing environment.


In the second edition of The ROI Wrap we warned you about the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for ranking purposes. Now, Google has made it an official ranking signal. . .  Are you ready for “Mobilegeddon”? Read on to find out about the changes announced by Google.

In other news, Instagram has launched a new advertising feature that will make social media marketers salivate at the potential opportunities.

How much value are you getting from your content marketing? This vexing question is answered in a piece that details why content doesn’t have to be expensive and more surprisingly, why you don’t have to create it all yourself.

In the world of web design, make sure you check out HubSpot’s blog that dissects 15 brilliant homepages and examines what makes a good website.

If you want to stay abreast on what is coming up in the world of search, read the predictions made by the Director of Digital Marketing for Microsoft.

Of course we also have the Tweets of the Week and have another episode of Digital TV. In this week’s edition, our Chief Technology Officer, Sean O’Neill, discusses the growing threat of negative SEO.


Tweets Of The Week




Blog of the Week:

Prepare Now For Google Mobile Search Shakeup

Google’s latest announcement is going to be significant for Mobile SEO. The Google Webmaster Central Blog recently said: “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”


Get the Biggest SEO Bang for Your Content Marketing Buck

Do you want to make sure your content is financially worthwhile? As this article explains, a mix of original, licensed and community content will give you the best results. Read on to find out what else will help. The scene has changed a lot since we looked at the best content management systems for SEO back in 2012.


Instagram Launches Carousel Ads

Instagram has announced a new advertising feature that is being compared to a photo spread in a magazine. Advertising posts will now include the option for users to swipe left to view more pictures and learn more about products.


Instagram launches new clickable ads


15 Examples of Brilliant Website Homepage Design

Not only will you be inspired by these wonderful homepage designs, but writer Jessica Meher also discusses why each example is brilliant.


5 Ways to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Facebook’s algorithm factors in how interested a user is in a particular page, how much engagement a post receives, and when it was posted in order to determine if it will be shown on a News Feed. Find out how to increase the likelihood that your content will be shown in the organic News Feed.


The Shifting World Of Search: Predictions For 2015 And Beyond

Microsoft’s John Cosley pens an article for Search Engine Land discussing four key trends that are redefining search.


Search Predictions


5 Keys to Growing Your Audience

If you take one thing away from this article on growing your audience it should be this: “Your audience is not made up of numbers or stats of metrics, your audience is a group of individuals who share a common idea, value, motivation, or pain.”


A Content Marketer’s Guide To SEO: A Checklist

If you want to make sure your content reaches its full potential, have this checklist close-by the next time you create something. It will help you optimise, measure and improve your content.


Get More Conversions Using These 12 Twitter Stats #Infographic

While there are 271 million monthly active Twitter users, only 34% of marketers are using Twitter to successfully generate leads. In this amazing infographic learn more about Twitter to better target your audience and generate leads.


Quote From The ROI Chief Technical Officer

Sean O’Neill: “What’s widely known as negative SEO is definitely a growing trend in the industry right now, and it’s effectively your competitors targeting your website to decrease your rankings rather than increasing their own.”

Negative SEO: How to Protect Your Website from Vicious Attack


What do you think about Google’s latest announcement? Will you be using Instagram’s new ad feature? What are your predictions for SEO? Leave a comment below.

And if you need help with anything we feature in this week’s Wrap, please feel free to contact one of our experts.


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