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Google continue to dominate search engine market share in Australia

Google’s dominance of search engine market share in Australia and around the globe has changed very little in the last 12 months. Some business owners may consider Yahoo and Bing search as an easy alternative to getting on Google’s first page but allowing for the below – and the fact that optimisation techniques for all search engines are quite similar, Google is where you need to be.

A concerted effort from Yahoo and Bing to challenge Google’s might doesn’t seem to have had the desired effect and the 500 or so changes Google has rolled out in 2011 seem destined to ensure their monster share of search results will continue for some time to come.

Position 10 on Google gets more traffic than position 1 on Yahoo or Bing

In Australia, percentage share of the search engine market has changed very little over the course of the last 12 months – Google continues to enjoy approximately 94% share of all search traffic in Australia according to Stat Counter.

So if click-through rates for positions 1-10 on first page search listings remain consistent across Google, Yahoo and Bing search results, the traffic available from Google is massively different – even if you never get to rank at number one. It’s actually more valuable being ranked at position 10 on Google for a given search term than it is to be ranked number 1 on Bing search results.

Similarly, with the low level of search on Yahoo in Australia, being positioned at number 10 on Google’s first page will generate more than double the traffic of the number one position on Yahoo search results.  These figures are only estimates – based on the available data and on the assumption click through rates are consistent, but it’s a pretty stable indication of where your SEO efforts need to be focused.

Obviously, less competition on Bing and Yahoo may make it easier to get there faster and to maintain a good rank over time – but for bang for buck, Google is where you need to be seen.

Google continue to lead the way with innovation in search results – instant previews, merged Google Places listings, site links – it seems as though Google are the ones thinking up all the ideas that might help a search rival to one day challenge Google. Even their social platform Google+ has made a promising start, so their dominance is showing no signs of abating any time soon. have a proven track record delivering top ten Google rankings is Australia’s leading performance-based search engine marketing company in Australia. Our proven approach to SEO has delivered almost 11,000 current top ten Google rankings for our clients, generating more traffic in a transparent, measurable way.

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