Search engine submissions should be FREE, FREE, FREE!

Be wary of ranking guarantees in Google and other search engines

In case you weren’t already aware, there are some unsavory types out there willing to do anything for money. Unfortunately, some of these people have sunk their claws into the yielding flesh of unwitting seekers of Google optimization help. If you type “search engine submission” into any major search engine, you’re likely to be rewarded with pages upon pages of links to sites of companies claiming they’ll be able to get you top ten rankings in every major search engine through their super-special submission techniques. Let me just warn you now: These sites are bogus!

First of all, there is no way to guarantee top rankings in any search engine; each search engine has its own proprietary ranking algorithms that are not fully disclosed to anyone outside the company. So anyone making promises about their ability to get your site to a specific number ranking in a search engine is either crazy or a con artist (I’d put my money on the second). Secondly, if your SEO is charging you for the actual act of search engine submissions, fire them immediately. Why? Because it costs ZERO dollars to submit a site to search engines.

Search Engines and the Internet – How does improve rankings with SEO ?

Some scam artists calling themselves SEOs are anything but; a real SEO would not make impossible guarantees, but rather acts as a partner in your business, optimising your website for maximum exposure to search engines. Search engine submission may be a part of a total marketing package, but in all honesty, you can do that yourself: Just check out the site submission pages at Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

If you are dead set on your plan to submit to search engines, fine, go ahead. But the not-so-secret secret that SEO “experts” charging for search engine submission don’t want you to know is that submission is almost always entirely unnecessary. In fact, companies who claim that their plan to repeatedly submit to search engines might even do permanent damage to your chances at getting high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

One major reason for a search engine’s very existence is to find all the content available that is relevant to a searcher’s query. Therefore, these search engines’ bots, or spiders, are “trained” to do just that; their primary responsibility is to crawl the web looking for sites, finding relevant content, and relaying that information back to the searcher. If your site is in existence, the bots will almost certainly find it. And if by some strange coincidence they don’t, head on over to the search engines’ (FREE!) site submission pages, type in your URL, and wait for the magic to happen. Whatever you do, though, don’t give any money to someone trying to charge you for site submission.

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