Discover How Your Business Performs on Google Compared With The Competition

Our Free Market Snapshot tool will tell you:

A) How many potential customers I can reach on Google

Most business owners want to know how many clicks their website would receive per month if they ranked number 1 on Google for a specific search term. This information has always been available using the Keyword Tool, but Market Snapshot goes one step further by aggregating the highest traffic keywords into potential market size.

example of our intelligence report

Our report also shows you where you currently rank with an estimate of how many additional clicks you would receive if you moved to the coveted number 1 position. Wonder no more … request a Try Our FREE Market Snapshot tool now!

B) Are there target markets on Google I am missing?

Target market segments are quite different to keywords – examples of target markets include:

  • Product categories – e.g. cctv or alarm systems
  • Specific brands – e.g. colorbond roofing
  • Capital city or regional markets – e.g. Melbourne versus Mornington Peninsula, or eastern suburbs versus western suburbs
  • Products vs. services – e.g. DIY plumbing equipment versus plumbing services


We can help you unlock potential target markets you may not have even considered. Once we define your target markets, we will generate 10 of the highest traffic keywords relevant to your target market, and then calculate an estimate of what percentage of this market your website is currently receiving.


Try our FREE Market Snapshot tool today.

All this information and more is just a couple of clicks away with Market Snapshot – a tool developed exclusively by Simply enter your top three products, services and URL. Market Snapshot does the rest.

Using Google keyword competitiveness scores, organic click through rates and search volumes – in conjunction with our proprietary software and algorithms – Market snapshot:

  • Gives an instant view of click traffic in your market
  • Lists the top 10 players in your target market
  • Delivers a snapshot of which competitors are moving into your market
  • Reveals the current market share of your website
  • Finds 3rd party websites you could advertise on
  • Highlights potential businesses that could refer business to you

 C) How can I know and analyse my online competition better?

The most famous quote of the late Richard Pratt was, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.


The Internet is a dynamic marketplace. This can be a double edged sword. The advantage is your business can quickly capitalise on new opportunities; the downside is your competitors can sneak up on you fast.

Want to start beating your competition?

Try our FREE Market Snapshot tool now!

D) How can I beat my online competition?

Once our report has identified your main competitors on Google, it will then allow you to:

  • Analyse why they are ranking well
  • Analyse their level of website and marketing investment
  • Start following the things they are doing well
  • Start being smarter so you can outrank them in 2015


E) How can I identify “quick win” opportunities?

Our report queries Google to gain feedback on the relative competitiveness of your market. Your target market may be considered low, medium or high competition. This metric is largely based on the number of advertisers competing for space on Google, plus the cost per click to gain traffic.


Our goal is to identify markets with great potential and where the competition is low to medium. That’s right, these types of markets are still available; you just need to be smarter and work harder to find them than ever before.

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