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Growth Insight with Ewan Watt, CEO – ROI Growth Agency.

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It’s a new year and hopefully you are feeling revitalised and ready to grow your business in 2018.

I find January is a great time to have a fresh perspective on challenges in your business and develop new plans to tackle these problems or opportunities differently.

Here at ROI.COM.AU Growth Agency, I help the team develop new solutions for digital campaigns that are not achieving the sales growth we would like our clients to experience.

I have been exposed to a huge variety of business situations and I find when the pressure is on it is easy to –

  • Throw more money at the problem
  • Move on to the next idea or campaign
  • Blame certain people involved

However, my experience in the digital world tells me the best learning opportunities come from relishing these moments when things are not working. Once you overcome these road blocks amazing sales growth can be achieved.


First EffortRe-set & Review
  • Review the original performance baseline metrics
  • Agree on the time period for review
  • Agree on the actual performance gap
  • Accept responsibility for the previous results
Second Effort – Isolate the Contributing Factors
  • Generate a detailed campaign performance report
  • Conduct a detailed gap analysis of previous to current performance
  • Isolate the parts of the campaign which are working best and those which are not
  • Mutually agree on areas of the campaign you can improve; change, stop.
Third EffortNew Growth
  • Set new baseline performance benchmarks
  • Develop growth scenarios to deliver improved results
  • Don’t focus on too many things at once!
Fourth Effort
  • Develop a more intense review period around specific numbers (not unmeasurable tasks)
  • Implement new intense work-in-progress schedule
Now, you might ask why did we not do this in the first place?

Good question. We are all guilty of being too busy and focusing on quick fixes, plus we are all geniuses in hindsight.

This was one of the reasons we introduced Growth Workshops in 2017. Our Growth Workshops ensure the right level of investment is made in strategy and planning from the outset.

The above is hard work and you only appreciate the value of this process after you have done it successfully hundreds of times.

Would you like some help solving a challenge in your business? OR developing a growth strategy?

Talk to us today to discover how ROI.COM.AU Growth Agency can help your business in 2018.
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