Selecting a superior website host for your superior website

Choosing a web host is a lot like choosing anything else in life. You do your research, compare the options, decide which is best, and hope it lives up to your expectations. Finding the best website hosting company is a critical step on the path to getting a website up and running, and it should be approached with care. The details of web hosting are highly technical, and in general the layperson need only know the basics to be able to make a decision about which website hosting company to go with.

A web host is a company that supplies server space for their clients’ use, in addition to providing constant Internet connectivity. Website hosting services are the vehicle for your website, the means by which the world is able to access information about your company, so its proper management and function is very important.

Search Engine Listings and Traffic Benefits from SEO

When looking for a website host, the first step should be to consider the needs of your company; whether you need managed or unmanaged hosting, whether your site will need a great deal of server space, and the amount of bandwidth you’d like for your site are all factors in the web hosting decision. Customer service is another, often overlooked, element of web hosting; many companies unsatisfied with their web hosts complain that customer service wasn’t available when they most needed the help. Look for a company that has 24/7 customer care, with actual humans that you can talk to, rather than automated services.

Try to find a site with a very high percentage of uptime, preferably 99.9%. While 100% uptime is just not possible, getting very close is absolutely necessary if you want your site to perform well. Not only does downtime prevent customers from accessing your site, it also prevents spiders from crawling the site, which can hurt your search engine rankings if it happens too often.

Consider the price of each company you look into. Price should not be the sole deciding factor, because when it comes to web hosting, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low quality, and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean superior quality. Price is only important because your budget constraints will contribute to your choice. Lastly, when it comes to searching for a website hosting service, try to approach it as you would approach shopping around for any outsourced business function: Look for reviews from other clients. If you are able to find positive reviews about a website hosting company, chances are it’s reliable and worthy of your business.

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