Why have I been sent messages from Google to verify my Places listing?

Background on the Google Places Verification Update

Google has recently upgraded the Google Places for Business dashboard, giving business owners an new updated interface, more ease in updating their business information, and updates on the status of their edits.

The new Places dashboard is supposed to make editing your information easier and help you track your business’s performance on Google. These changes have begun in the U.S and are quickly updating Google Places here in Australia, this will happen automatically. Some businesses will convert to the new Places dashboard sooner than others but eventually all Google Places listings will convert and when they do business listing owners need to take steps to ensure their listing remains active and under their control.

What Needs To Be Done

In order for this new dashboard update to work current business owners who have listed their businesses on Google places must verify their business listings on places before the scheduled update. If business owners do not do this by the scheduled time Google will allow those business listings to be available for claiming. Meaning the business owner will lose ownership over their listing.

Business owners simply need to enter their places account and make small alterations to their places listing in order to show that this listing is still owned by someone and is active. For example updating the company description, uploading new images to the profile, creating new categories for your companies products and services etc.

The Consequences of Ignoring the Update

Those which remain inactive Google will allow to be claimed by anyone and if claimed by another party other than the business owner this makes it increasingly difficult to reclaim ownership of the listing again. In addition while your business listings ownership is in the hands of another they can alter your business listings details to whatever they wish and you will have no control over what they choose to alter or not.

Therefore it is vital if you have received one of these emails about verifying your Google places account that you act on it quickly so as to not face losing your places listing ownership.

Disclaimer: This article was produced as part of a learning initiative for our graduate program. The tips and facts presented are not necessarily shared by roi.com.au

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