SEO Basics – Understanding what SEO is and what it’s not – Part 1

Get an understanding of the basic principles of SEO

As the search industry evolves and continues to accelerate forward, there remain a number of misconceptions about the practices of SEO that appear to linger. These misconceptions are based around the very basics of SEO and indicate a lack of understanding of some of the core principles of the SEO field.

It is important to clarify any misconceptions that clients may have as this serves only to create a negative skew on their perspective of SEO.

Below follow some of the most common misconceptions that still abound:

#1. SEO is about secret tactics to ‘trick’ the search engines

This perception of SEO being an evil craft with its ‘cloaking’ and ‘white hat’ vs. ‘black hat’ tactics is something that remains top of the list because the barriers to entry into the SEO field are virtually zero. This results in a number of fly-by-nighters and every man and his dog, setting up an SEO company and professing to do search engine optimisation.

In reality, there are a number of simple yet effective techniques that even the search engines will encourage to implement on your website in order to increase traffic. Search engine optimisation firms apply these strategies and continue to investigate the most effective tactics to apply to client websites. The core role of an SEO firm is to ensure that your website and online strategy is search engine friendly in order to maximise returns, rankings and traffic.

#2. Submitting your website to thousands of search engines and directories helps your SEO strategy

Of course, you can submit your website to hundreds or thousands of search engines, but in the Western world, people only really use the three top tier search engines, namely Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live Search.

By submitting your website to thousands of other search engines, you will achieve little other than the submission itself.

The proliferation of web directories is testament to the ease with which anyone with a little bit of PHP knowledge and a PHP directory script can set up shop. Many web directories are brand name and do not have authority, an aged domain or quality inbound links for them to be in a position to offer any real boost to your SEO efforts.

In fact, given the poor quality of most of these directories, their use may actually hurt your SEO efforts, particularly if you are not skilled in distinguishing a quality directory from one with poor links. A link strategist at an SEO company will be best suited for the job of ascertaining how many and which directories to link to. The bottom line is that quality always wins over quantity.

Know the basics of SEO when evaluating which SEO company to hire

If you don’t know SEO in detail, the chances of lasting success are limited. Consistent application of the basic principles of SEO is a good starting point but if you want to advance your strategy, you need to hire the services of proven SEO professionals. Arming yourself with the basic knowledge will help with your decision – call today on 1300 650 274 and let us answer your questions.

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