SEO Challenges Faced By Organisations

Conquering search engine results pages is a time consuming task

Even though with each year SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is making it into an increasing number of marketing plans and is becoming a planned media buy, there are still a number of challenges faced in organisations to get the right people behind SEO.  There are many cultural and organisational challenges with regards to SEO, and the bigger the company the more people need to be convinced of its value. So, what are some of those challenges?

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1. Getting SEO Budget – this remains to be a problem for a number of businesses, as expenditures such as the Yellow Pages that have been made for many years are infrequently reviewed and as such, the traditional marketing spend remains intact, leaving little room for SEO. Even when budget is allocated to the SEO, sometimes the expected return is unrealistic relative to the investment that is made.

2. SEO understanding & education – even if one person in the business sees the necessity of the SEO investment, unless it is the person who drives the marketing budget, a lot of effort is required to educate the decision makers on the importance of SEO. This can take a great deal of time and effort to get the required buy-in from management.

3. Justifying the SEO spend – given the long-term investment required in SEO and the fact that results can take a little bit of time to start to appear, in many businesses it is a challenge justifying the ongoing SEO spend. This is especially true if the SEO agency provides little evidence of ongoing work in monthly reporting. Some businesses also expect that once the SEO goals have been achieved, the SEO work itself can be abandoned.

There is a strong awareness of reaching goals, but somehow, further education is required in helping businesses understand that the strong organic positions achieved need to be maintained with further SEO. If this is not done, the competition will take over these top rankings very quickly.

4. Working with an agency or taking the SEO in-house – for many organisations, particularly larger companies with complicated back-end systems and proprietary knowledge, a big challenge is weighing up the pros and cons of hiring a full-time in-house SEO employee or hiring a 3rd party agency to do the work.

Sometimes, the security issue is enough for a business to decide to hire an SEO in-house, as they are unwilling to share private information with a 3rd party. Though an in-house SEO may not be as skilled as the cumulative value an agency can offer, where multiple people work towards the success of the SEO service offering.

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