SEO Constraints of New Websites

New websites face more stumbling blocks in the SEO battle than their more established counterparts. It is not a wise strategy for a new website to enter the SEO game and focus solely on the most competitive key phrases. This poor strategy will only result in frustration, few short-term gains and unsure long-term success, particularly if the lack of short-term progress causes the website owner to abandon the SEO process altogether.

New website owners need to be aware of the constraints which limit their SEO strategy, while the SEO company should have the game plan to set up a strong foundation for long-term success.

A new website, with a fresh domain name and hot design may be built for driving sales but on the search engines it is nowhere! Literally.

Newcomer Websites Need to Prove their Worth

The first thing that the search engines need to do is find the website, which is the easy part, and once the spiders have located, crawled and indexed the site, at least it should then be appearing for the business name and URL when you type it into the search bar.

This is the first hurdle because being found on the search engines for the business URL is a quick and easy win; the rest takes longer.

Domain Name Relevance + Trustworthiness – the search engines do not trust a new domain name as they need to ascertain over time whether this domain will be delivering value to searchers or if it's just another spam site. URL authority is considered one of the factors important to attaining rankings. The only thing a new website can do is wait.

Value + Number of inbound links – a new website, fresh off the drawing board does not have any inbound links pointing to it. What this means is that there are no other quality websites pointing to this site verifying its value to searchers. The catch-22 is that a new website cannot obtain a large number of inbound links in a short period of time, because this is considered spam activity by the search engines.

Link building for new sites needs to staggered and strategic. If the search engines notice that a large number of links have been added to a site in a short period of time, penalties may ensue.

Your SEO company, understanding the limitations that a new website faces, should propose the appropriate strategy.

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