SEO Domain Names

Choosing a domain name with SEO in mind can help your rankings

Choosing a domain name from a search engine optimisation point of view can give you an edge in your SEO campaign and it’s very important to consider which domain name would be best for your campaign before launching your website and beginning SEO.

Google’s main aim is to deliver high quality, relevant and fresh content for their searches at all times and choosing a domain name that includes your important keywords can go a long way towards showing Google exactly how relevant you are for your major keywords and kickstarting a successful SEO project.

One of the ranking factors that Google looks at is the file name or web address of each page in your website and how relevant this is together with the content you provide on each page. If you have chosen a domain name that includes some keywords in your URL this means that every page in your website will always have your major keyword thread included as part of the domain name which can give you some extra points in the SEO and ranking department.

Try to find a combination or words that depicts your brand as well as your keywords – if you can’t get whole keywords into your URL try to get an important word or idea within the URL – for example if you can’t fit “Search Engine Marketing Company” as your URL, common words in your keyword thread like “Marketing” will be useful for SEO purposes in your domain name across your site if possible.

While appealing to Google is important, your customers are still paramount

It’s always important to keep users in mind before search engines and SEO to ensure that your campaign is travelling down a road that considers your user experience and first impression over and above what the Search Engines think. Google has become very good at building algorithms that identify manipulative SEO behaviour so before doing any act think to yourself “would I do this to improve user experience if I wasn’t doing SEO?” if the answer is no the safest option is probably to abandon your current course of action. It’s great if your domain URL is appealing to Google but if it doesn’t resonate with your target market, it’s not effective.

If you are thinking of building a new website or redesigning an existing site, speak to our business development managers for advice. We have a large amount of experience in identifying the most beneficial domain names for each business we work with and will be happy to share our extensive knowledge.

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