SEO For New Websites

SEO should be integrated into any website design or redesign

As a search engine marketing (SEM) company that offers web design and Google optimization services (amongst others), we sometimes get enquiries for new website designs or website redesigns from enthusiastic business owners looking to get an online presence and conquer their online space.

These prospective web design clients generally fall into categories – (a) know nothing about SEO and its importance in online marketing; (b) know a little bit about SEO but believe it is not important and finally (c) know about SEO, consider it to have some relevance and are willing to consider it in greater detail at a later stage.

Clients in category (a) generally take our advice on board and factor SEO into their online investment and as a result enjoy the greatest return on their online investment – relative to external factors such as competition, product life cycle, size of market etc.

Category (b) clients tend to opt to invest in a website alone and after a few months they decide to either (i) consider the web as a waste of time and instead focus their efforts on traditional media and offline growth avenues or (ii) research the key criteria to online success and eventually invest in SEO.

Finally, category (c) clients tend to do much the same as the second type of category (b) clients – come to the realisation that sustainable SEO programs best work in tandem with web design services and subsequently reinvest in online marketing with a focus on Google optimization – which can often entail restructuring the website the spent thousands on just a few months previously.

A new website with a SEO strategy will always outperform a new website without

Australian business owners willing to invest in a new website are taking a step forward in developing their online presence and making the necessary impression on their target market. A new website can definitely improve your target market’s perception of your business and improve sales but ask yourself this – are you after a handful of extra sales to cover the cost of your new site or are you aiming to maximise the potential of the internet as a sales channel? If the answer is the latter, SEO is a necessity.

The online landscape of today is vastly different to what it was several years ago when having a website was seen as a great leap forward. Owning a website now is like owning a mobile phone – everyone has one, even kids have them (or social media pages at least). The value now is in visibility – getting your website seen by relevant searchers.

Conquering your online space nowadays is about attracting the right people to a website that convinces them that you are the best, cheapest, highest quality, most luxurious, fastest or whatever other point of difference you win business on. That’s what SEO is about – drawing in the right visitors and convincing them to purchase with the least amount of effort. A successful SEO strategy presents the greatest long-term opportunity to deliver sustainable value to customers at the best return on investment.

A sustained SEO effort is the best route to long-term success at a favourable ROI

It doesn’t matter if you never intend to sell a single product online – customers increasingly turn to the internet as a source of information, whether it’s ‘financial services in Sydney’, ‘gyms in Melbourne’ or ‘couriers in Darwin’, the internet is the quickest way to compare and choose. It’s no longer just about being online – it’s all about ensuring you are seen online by the biggest possible share of your target market, day-in, day-out, week-in week-out for as long as you tend to be in business.

So if you are intending to invest in a swish new website as your sole online marketing effort, think again! Do some research. The return you get from your online investment will be vastly better with a comprehensive SEO and web design approach than it ever will be with a website – even if you throw tens of thousands of dollars at the world’s top website designers.

SEO factors to consider when redesigning or developing a website

Ultimately you want a site that suits new and existing customers. A website that appeals to you may not appeal to customers – do some research ask existing customers what’s the most important things to know in making a purchasing decision, you might be surprised.

Consider the following:

  • SEO friendly domain name & URLs based on relevant search terms
  • Title tags & meta descriptions that reflect the on-page content
  • A Google Places listing – attract local customers who search online
  • Categorise your site pages according to how customers search
  • Keep navigation simple and easy-to-use – don’t scare sales leads off
  • Make contact details visible – some customers don’t want to read, they want to talk or even buy immediately


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