SEO Is A Process Of Continuous Improvement

Search Engine Optimisation is a process, not a once-off transaction

Before you invest in SEO, or search the web for ‘SEO top tips’ or ‘SEO secrets’, realise this – search engine optimization is a process of continuous improvement – much like learning a new language.

You don’t just turn up on day one at a language course to have the ‘How to speak fluent Japanese’ microchip implanted in your brain – you start by learning the very basics –exactly what you need to get by, then you learn the structure and the grammar and gradually improve your vocabulary. Over time you get to a standard that will help you communicate with your target audience, in this instance Japanese speakers, and if you want to delve deeper you improve your grammar and vocabulary until you are eventually fluent and capable of speaking with any native Japanese speaker.

With SEO, if you are promised a quick fix and instant results forget it – it doesn’t exist, just like you can’t learn Japanese in a day. What’s important is getting the basics right – SEO is all about quality relevant content and visibility. There are no major secrets other than achieving the perfect balance between appealing to Google and appealing to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation should be a forethought, not an afterthought

The initial assumption of many Australian businesses owners we deal with on a daily basis is that a new website is the only investment they need to succeed online – then they discover that getting found online is easier said than done, so investing in SEO becomes a necessity (or pay-per-click marketing, but SEO delivers optimal long-term value).

So after investing $X in a swish new custom-built website, they discover a need to reinvest in SEO, which usually involves reworking your content and other on-page optimisation to appeal to search engines. It makes far more sense to take a considered approach to your web marketing – invest a little less on the website and more on making the website visible to your target audience by conquering SEO for relevant search phrases.

An integrated approach to SEO and web design will create a better return on investment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be the very first item you consider when re-designing your existing website or investing in a new one. After all,  how people search is an accurate reflection of what your customers want – so your website content and how your site is categorised should match how people search. This integrated approach is far more likely to lead to swift sales increases than taking an ill-informed approach of website first, SEO second.

Of course the integrated SEO and web design approach is just the starting point – it takes consistent monitoring, tweaking and refinement to get your website to a standard that appeals to your two key audiences – Google and your target market.

Appealing to just one of these audiences has its limitations, so a comprehensive, integrated online marketing strategy must satisfy both audiences in order to deliver the best possible return on your online investment.

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