SEO Key Phrases

Q. How many keyword phrases should I target?

A. Deciding on how many keyword phrases you target for your search engine optimization all depends on how much you want to get out of you SEO for your website.

What you should stick to is categories or clusters, for each category you should be targeting around 5 similar keyword phrases.  For example, if your product was “women’s clothing”, then similar keywords you should target are “buy women’s clothing”, “buy women’s clothing online”, “women’s clothing online” and “women’s clothing online Australia”.

By doing this, you are going to improve your rankings across many variations of that cluster of keywords and more! What you need to remember is that each keyword phrase has its own amount of traffic because different people type things differently when searching in Google, even though they are looking for the same product.  Some of us will type ‘catering Sydney’, and others will type ‘Sydney catering’ – this is why it is important to target a variety of combinations terms that are searched in order to get the maximum amount of traffic.

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