Why Both SEO and PPC Need Your Attention

Short Answer: PPC offers the ultimate answers SEO strategies are looking for.  A PPC campaign is a mechanism which ultimately provides  an insight into the behaviour of the end user. This allows your strategy to be more focused and aligned with what the consumer wants from their research. 

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Long Answer:  With a dynamic PPC campaign, testing new concepts or key areas opens up doors to new information. This is highly beneficial in understanding exactly how the end user thinks. Your strategy can be more focused and aligned with what the consumer wants from their search.  PPC also becomes a starting platform to test new products before an SEO campaign is generated, potentially saving time and money.

If you are still not sure how the two work together, think of a marriage made in heaven. Ideally, one person gives clarity and visibility to the relationship while the other provides new interesting information they can share and learn from one another. In an ideal marriage, one partner compliments the other. Similarly, PPC and SEO work together to navigate people to right online information and enhance their experience.

You cannot have one strategy without the other. Long term success is complimented by the short term gains, just the way a real partnership should evolve.

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