SEO Strategies for Brand New Websites

The SEO strategy for a new website are different from the strategy that can be implemented for a site that has already been online for a couple of years. Some people may say that with a new website SEO becomes less important because there are elements out of your control that limit SEO success. On the contrary, right from the very beginning of your website planning, even before it is built, you should be putting in motion a long-term SEO strategy. It is this forward thinking that will deliver positive results in the short term.

Engaging your SEO Company Early Enough

This is something that few people do, but ideally, you should be speaking to your SEO company when you are planning your website, before you have even started to build it.

This is important because there are a number of technical website infrastructure issues of which you should be aware. Ideally, you should sit down with both your web designer and your SEO during the web design process. Unfortunately this is not something that happens frequently, but if it did, you could focus on things such as linking and site architecture, website copy balanced with SEO and a website structure set up for future growth.

The SEO company can also assist you in your domain name strategy as well as commence a link building strategy even before your website is fully launched. Consider how many precious months you lose by treating website design and SEO as two mutually exclusive steps.

If you do not design a website with the long-term in mind, you are either limiting SEO efforts later, or simply wasting money on doing things that will require re-doing in the future.

Keywords Targeting

At the onset you should commence with targeting 2nd tier keyword rather than focusing on the most competitive words in the industry. With a brand new website, focusing too much on competitive keywords can often be viewed as a pointless effort, particularly because few results will be seen in the short-term.

Focus on the less competitive phrases at the onset and tackle the more competitive keywords later once your site gains traction on the search engines.

Keep Content Fresh & Offer Helpful Resources

By offering helpful industry white papers and resources, you are making your site useful to searchers. This not only encourages inbound links but also gives your site credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

By adding quality content frequently, this will increase the frequency with which the search engines visit your site and will assist in building the authority status of the website. Collectively, all these strategies work together not only to build search engine rankings,but also to develop a positive client experience on your site.

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