SEO Strategies to Improve Your Sites Organic Listings

One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is the step in which keywords are chosen. Not to sound ominous, but the right (or wrong) SEO keywords can make or break your attempts to infiltrate the top of the search engine rankings. If you’re at the stage in the optimisation process that calls for choosing keywords, these optimisation tips may help you along your way.

Before choosing any SEO keywords, reflect on who you consider to be your target audience. If you are trying to sell fine wine and goose liver pâté, your audience will be very different than if you are selling Hannah Montana t-shirts. The audience you are marketing to should greatly influence the keywords you choose. Although an in-depth discussion about how to figure out who you’re selling to isn’t my point at this time, here’s a great article about understanding target audience, along with other optimisation tips.

After identifying your target audience, brainstorm. If you’re unsure how to brainstorm, here’s an easy way to think of it: get a pen and paper, and write down every word or phrase you can think of that your potential customers might search to find what you’re selling. Don’t worry about right or wrong answers, just dump it all on the page and see what happens. At the end of your brainstorm, you can use an application like Google AdWords Keyword Tool to research which keywords will be best for your site.

Is professional SEO advice important for my business?

Once you’ve found the right keywords, it’s time to place them strategically throughout your body copy, meta tags, and image captions. One of the search engine optimisation tips I can’t repeat often enough is that content is not a mere vehicle for keywords. Content’s purpose is to deliver information, to make a sale, to convert. Keywords in body copy should be subtle and natural, not a bucket of cold water dumped over the head of your site’s visitors.

Whether you’ve just begun on the road to making your website more visible to search engines, or you’re revamping your SEO campaign, or you just wanted to do a bit of light reading before bed, these search engine optimisation tips should give you something to think about. Follow them, and you’ll have a tighter and more effective keyword strategy in no time.

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