SEO = The more inbound links the better – right?

If you’ve done some research on search engine optimization you would have read that inbound links are one of the most important factors Google uses to determine where your website is positioned in their search engine.  Inbound links are important as Google treats an inbound link as a vote from one website to another. An inbound link is like an endorsement or referral in normal business.

Just like in the real word the quality of the source is very important when it comes to the impact of an inbound link. If the link is from an online neighbourhood that is engaging in unscrupulous SEO activities the link could have a negative impact on your rankings. Whilst an inbound link from a trusted or authority website will have a very positive impact on your Google rankings. 

This means best practice SEO is about quality and natural link building. Your focus should always be on relevant and authority links as these sites will have a far greater impact than thousands of links from poor quality sites.  The biggest tip is don’t be tempted by the easy option of gaining 1000 links for $99.

When it comes to inbound links, If it sounds  too good to be true it generally is.

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