SEO Tip – When it comes to keywords, more is not always better

If you’re wondering how many keywords you should target in your SEO , chances are you’ve already begun the optimisation process and have reached a roadblock. Many amateur SEO companies will tell you that you should target as many keywords as you can, since the more keywords you have on your webpages, the more they will pop up in the search results. This could not be further from the truth; in fact, this type of thinking has the potential to permanently damage your chances of moving up in the search engine rankings.

The number of keywords to target depends largely on the overall SEO strategy for that particular site. If you have a huge site full of hundreds of pages of content, you can support a larger number of keywords. However, if your site is part of a very small niche, you’d be better off targeting a much smaller number of keywords; in these cases, perhaps even one keyword might suffice.

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First, you should forget the notion that cramming your homepage full of keywords will get the most visitors to your site. In fact, most search engines will take your page off their index if they consider it to be spam, and most visitors are smart enough to know that if your content looks awful, you might not be the route they want to take for whatever it is they’re looking for.

Instead, focus on finding the best keywords for your homepage. Consider using short tail, or more broad keywords, for your homepage, and long term, or more specific keywords, for interior pages. That way, you can attract a wider range of visitors to your homepage, where they will be able to get a sense of your site’s general purpose; your interior pages will lure more targeted visitors, who will more likely convert, assuming you’ve chosen the right keywords.

Some SEOs may even argue that one keyword is enough to get your page to the top of the search engines. The theory here is that you want to attract the most specific visitors to any give page on your site, so these visitors (theoretically) all convert.

This means more work for your SEO, as there would have to be more pages to compensate for the one-keyword-per-page ratio, but it’s an interesting premise that at least deserves some consideration.

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