SEO Video vs SEO Content

Choose the right medium for your next marketing push

Historically, the instant thought process for businesses looking to rank for a new service, product or industry update has been largely similar – create a new article or blog post focused on the subject and its relevant search terms.

With thousands of websites in hundreds of industries trying to jostle for first page positions on any given topic, it is often tough to rank highly for blog articles simply due to the incessant amount of competition out there. Unless you write for a website with an extremely high domain authority, publishing an article on the latest buzz topic in your industry could ultimately leave you with little rewards. You might tick all the boxes for on-page optimisation and informative content guidelines, but will still be let down by your site’s lack of strength in the eyes of Google.

Its circumstances like this where video content could be the answer. Google is providing increasing emphasis on video content in its first page search results, much like it does for Places listings. However – again like Places listings – video content is only displayed for relevant keywords, making it important to analyse your search terms before you go about creating an in-depth video on the latest industry trends.

What type of search phrases work for video content?

‘How to’ searches are massive for video related search results. Creating ‘how to’ videos around areas of your business is a great way to provide informative, relevant content to searchers. This then provides you with a chance for click-throughs to your site, as outlined in our past article on optimising videos.

As with blog articles, videos need to provide relevant, informative content that is designed to answer the questions of searchers, not simply to appease Google’s crawlers. Doing searches on potential key phrases to see if Google provides video results for these terms is the place to start.

Are SEO blog articles a thing of the past?

Heavens no. Blog articles are still an extremely important part of your site’s SEO campaign, especially for topics with lower competition. If you’ve identified a subject that has worthwhile search potential and low competition, odds are that an informative blog article – rather than a detailed video – will get the job done.

Combining the strength of video and articles is another way to increase the first page chances for your website. Creating SEO content focused on the topic of your videos with a link included will ensure that users have double the chance of clicking through to either one or both of the pieces you’ve put live.

Identifying what to type of medium to utilise when trying ranking on the first page of Google is something the team at specialise in. Our SEO experts are available to advise and guide clients through the best strategies for video and content creation for their websites with our Search Engine Optimisation and copywriting services– call today on 1300 650 274 to find out more!

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