Six tips for a successful website

Simple Structure

Site maps or search functions help to keep your visitors on track. A frustrated user will not hang around to try to figure out a complicated structure.

Great Branding

Effective logos, colour schemes and graphics give you instant credibility in the eyes of your user. Invest in a new or updated logo and match it with the colour scheme for your site.

To convey a professional and trustworthy brand, you need to be subtle with your colour scheme.  Try not to use bright or overpowering colours in any large areas as this may, consciously or sub-consciously put off the user.

Contact Details

Always have a phone number on the home page and a clear link in the main navigation menu to a contact page. Include a contact form or email address as well as a phone number on the contact page. Ensure that a customer always has 2 ways in which to reach you.

Keep it Current

As they say- “Content is King”. A website with outdated content will turn users away. If you do not make the effort of keeping it current why should they read it? This is especially important for repeat visitors- they will notice!

Professional Imagery

Spend a few dollars on buying professional photographs, especially for your home page.

Quick Response Rate

Should your customers wish to contact you via email or form, you must give them a time frame in which you will respond. There is nothing more frustrating than watching your email box and waiting for a reply to come. This will cut down on phone calls to follow up on enquiries freeing more of your time for other important matters.

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