Small Business SEO Cost Expectations

Choose Cost-Effective SEO over Cheap SEO

Many Australian business owners are skeptical about SEO – the costs, whether it works, can it be done alone? Invariably small business owners also know someone who has been stung by low cost SEO services from some supposed online SEO expert – this just adds to the skepticism and makes businesses in Australia fearful of using the services of a genuine search engine optimization provider.

It also places unrealistic expectations on the cost of SEO – low cost fees as low as $49 or even $29 per month are offered by online scam artists and such ridiculous prices are often the only benchmark for people new to the world of search engine optimisation.

What does SEO cost?

Instead of accepting a low cost SEO solution of $49 per month for a SEO service that delivers little or nothing, it makes more sense to invest $450 to $500 per month for something that presents a return on investment. The great thing about investing in SEO is that it is completely measurable – you can know exactly what it delivers relative to what it cost.

Judge the price you pay for SEO on the return on investment it generates

If you wanted to fly from Melbourne to Sydney, or from Sydney to Brisbane to meet a customer and an unknown airline company offered to fly you there for $19, you’d be interested. But if the small print said the flight would leave sometime in the next month, you’d be pretty skeptical. And if the fine print also said that the plane would be flown by an amateur pilot, you’d probably be worried.

So instead you’d opt for the tried and tested airline companies, regardless of the price of the flight (within reason!). The cost reflects the quality of what you are buying, you want a flight with a qualified pilot and an arrival time you can trust. You may want more in a flight – like business class – but safety and reliability are the basics.

SEO is no different. If you opt for low cost and pay less than $200 per month for SEO, you either have a very basic, low cost strategy or you have an amateur pilot in the cockpit. There is a good chance you won’t get to your target destination any time soon, if at all.

SEO costs a fraction of the value it delivers

The price you pay for SEO should be seen as a long term investment rather than a business expense. It’s not a disposable commodity like printer paper. SEO is a process that progressively delivers value, it doesn’t have an expiry date. When factoring in the price of SEO into your budget, consider the end objective rather than just punching an approximate cost into your calculator.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1.    Is your website on the first page of Google for competitive search terms? If not you are missing out on 99% of traffic for that search term.
2.    Do people who search for your product or service use one search term or many? Most searchers use different search terms, ‘vacuum cleaner’ may be searched as ‘vacuum cleaners’, ‘vacuum cleaners Sydney’, ‘cheap vacuum cleaners’ so if you multiply the effect of question one, you see that there is a sea of traffic your website is missing out on.
3.    How would 300 visits a month change your outlook on what SEO costs? If from 300 visits, 10% make an enquiry. That’s 30 sales leads. Moderately convert 10% of them into customers and you have three sales.

Does three sales cover a $450 monthly SEO costs? In most cases yes, easily. And this is based on a modest conversion rate of a modest traffic improvement. Depending on your business, the opportunity could be vastly better.

The best thing about the cost of SEO is this – no matter how much your business grows, your price remains the same (unless you invest in extending your strategy beyond its initial focus), so the return on your investment can be far greater than just covering your initial costs.


Whether you own a small business or a major multinational – if want to succeed online, SEO is a must. offer a cost-effective, transparent Search Engine Optimisation service which promises to deliver results. Visit our SEO page to find out more about how SEO can help your business. Or call us on 1300 650 274 and let us put your business first!

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