Smart Phone Internet Usage – Latest Australian Stats

Key Stats:

  • Australians register 810 million mobile page views per month in 2013. It was approximately 600 million per month in 2012.
  • PCs are still used more than mobile devices, holding 63% of the market
  • Tablets are becoming more and more common for browsing online

Smart Phone Internet Usage

Australians are clocking up over 200,000,000 more mobile website impressions than they were in 2012, according to Nielsen’s latest report into the way Australians use the Internet.

Over 810,000,000 mobile page impressions were recorded, with the equivalent for 2012 sitting around 600,000,000 and it was around 450,000,000 in 2011. This shows that the widespread growth of more functional smartphones and tablet devices is leading to more Australian’s doing their browsing and shopping on mobile handsets.

PCs are still the device of choice for around 63% of Australian Internet traffic, with mobile accounting for around 36%. Young people aged 18 to 24 are also the key drivers of this rise in mobile related browsing.

Tablets are all the rage in 2013, with Apple, Samsung, Google and more competing for the growing market. 90 million US citizens are tipped to own one by 2014, and you can be sure the rest of the world will be close behind.

Australian Mobile Page Impressions

What does this mean for Australian businesses?

A mobile website is a must

Ever load up a website on your iPhone or Galaxy and be fronted with the same site you’d see on your PC? Usability is instantly a problem. Zooming on tiny links to try and access your relevant internal page, then putting up with tiny, unreadable font is enough for a customer to go looking elsewhere.

Amazingly, around 55% of businesses still don’t have a mobile website, and they are suffering as a result.

Having a mobile site enables you to present information to customers in a way that suits the device they are searching on, giving them more chance of finding the information they need or utilising your services. It’s simply catering to the needs of your audience.

Mobile devices are for convenience and used in circumstances where PCs are not practical. Those situations are becoming more and more regular as technology improves. Think of these instances:

  • Making that train or bus ride to work quicker
  • Looking up a business after seeing it on TV
  • Looking for directions when lost in a foreign suburb or city
  • When out having dinner, drinks or simply “on-the-go”

Mobile traffic is growing because it is filling a void that PC can’t reach. That means more potential time for your customers to be online and the more chance of your business popping up on someone’s mobile or tablet device.


Mobile specific marketing

Have you set up a mobile AdWords campaign? Or completed your businesses Foursquare or Google Local profile to entice check-ins? Mobile devices have brought a whole new facet to online marketing, allowing businesses to get more creative with the way they go about showcasing their services.

A recent UK study showed that people are using their mobile more for internet than calling. We’re talking about the basic function of a device changing from one thing to another. That’s eye opening.


Mobile payments – one for the future

Mobile payments have just started bubbling under the surface, with many mobile devices releasing apps that allow users to pay wirelessly using their phone. It’s ground-breaking, but might not be one to jump on right now until some kinks get ironed out – see Apple’s Passbook problems. Keep it on the radar.


How can help?

We offer some innovative and integrated Adwords/SEO and mobile website solutions.

We understand that all these numbers and information can be hard to consume in an article, so why not give our team a call. We are always keen to discuss mobile websites with customers, and even if you might not be ready to go ahead just yet, we can provide you with the information you need to get in the know.

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