Social Media Trends For 2013 Every Business Should Know

Do you know what #socialmedia #trends are set to make waves in marketing?

2013 has seen the biggest growth for social media and even deeper integration into digital marketing. More and more businesses are finding that social media has become more than just posting the occasional link or promotion. Social media is now a part of almost every aspect of search marketing from PPC campaigns to content marketing for SEO.

Do you know the future trends of social media and the biggest changes to come out of 2013? The team have put together the top 3 social media trends you should know and be using in the future.

Social Media Trends

1. Mobile and Social marketing is becoming dominant

We’re well aware that mobile friendly websites are vital in today’s web market. Google has openly announced that it will favour mobile friendly site and with approximately 90% of smartphone users using the internet daily you can understand why. It’s recorded that mobile users are using social sites more than ever so doesn’t it make sense to have a good mobile friendly site with mobile targeted Ad campaigns? This isn’t just Google Ads (now that Google is forcing you to display your ads over all devices) it’s also Facebook sponsored page ads and other forms of social PPC.

Mobile and social marketing in the future?

Mobile advertising is already gaining ground with good social content marketing and mobile PPC campaigns. We expect to see this grow even further in the future meaning more money, more social outreach and better mobile accessibility.

2. Google+ isn’t the “big flop” as first thought

We all remember when Google first announced Google+ and the results seemed underwhelming. Considered a “flop” it has since almost been completely ignored. However, Google+ is in fact stronger than ever before. GlobalWebIndex announced that based on conservative figures Google+ can now boast over 343million active users overtaking Twitter as the second most used social media platform. What does this mean? Businesses should establish a Google+ presence.

Google+ in the future?

In amongst the recent flurry of updates and announcements from Google it was mentioned that they are introducing #hashtag searches favouring Google+ and social media updates. This update is only for the US currently, but it may certainly play a role in the future of Australian search marketing.

3. Visual Content is the new King

In the digital world there is a phrase “Content is King” and great content can mean the difference between a good SEO campaign and a great one. Content however has always been thought of as text, but recent trends are showing content should be as much about information as it is the visual element. There’s a reason Vine videos are only 6 seconds and that photos make up 42% of Tumblr posts. Photos (or text with an engaging photo) on average are liked up to 2x more than just text alone. Videos are even more effective with 12x more shares that photos and text combined.

Visual content in the future?

It’s simple. We’ll be seeing less text and more visual elements in social media and even SEO. With web user’s attention spans dropping visual elements will play a vital role in engaging with and keeping those potential customers on your website over competitors.

There are many more social media trends on the rise including things like remarketing or retargeted marketing around. Social media marketing strategies are here to stay so we best keep tracking the #trends and evolving our SEO and SEM strategies to match and stay ahead.

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