Social Media vs. SEO

Social media is powerful but is it as powerful as search, or is it simply the next big thing that businesses think they need to be a part of? Is the rush to social media even that necessary? How much online brand management does a small business really need to do, and surely large businesses have always had to manage their business presence online, not just now that social media has come to a fore.

It is important for businesses to go after channels that offer value, revenue and business growth. It needs to fit your tactical approach and your overall strategy and should not be done simply because it is covered by the press every day.

Improve your SEO Rankings in the Search Engines

The Social Media Bubble

Social media has a number of great applications:
– It acts as a communication channel that allows two-way interaction
– For brands it is another doorway for branding and messaging
– It allows businesses to connect with users (if their customers are online, utilising these mediums)
– It appeals to early adopters and the younger savvy online generations
– It allows you to engage in a conversation of which you may not have been a part previously with industry thought leaders
– It is also a form of online procrastination and non-required business communication

Can it do what Search & SEO do?

– The fundamentals of online marketing allow businesses to develop a website, with a unique value proposition and promote it at a positive return online
– Leverage analytics, conversion funnels and multivariate testing
– Conduct effective e-mail marketing campaigns and promotions
– Create useful content that is shared and read by a large number of readers
– Run pay per click (PPC) campaigns
– Gain online visibility for your brand where virtually every single person online can see your brand and interact with it
– Search allows people to address and research identified needs and wants, in a scalable fashion and in real time

Even though social media is taking the world by storm, the mediums themselves such as Facebook and MySpace have struggled to create sustainable models that allow the monetization of the platforms. Whether Twitter will share this dilemma is still to be seen, however, there is not yet available evidence that social media will offer the tremendous ROI for marketers that search has. There will always be breakthrough cases and case studies of businesses making their millions on social media, yet this is not yet scalable.

Focus your marketing efforts on measurable returns. This does not mean you should ignore social media, but do not put all your eggs into the social media basket.

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