Static or Dynamic Sites for SEO

Q. I’m going to start a web site. Which will be te best for SEO – A CMS or HTML site?

A. When a search engine such as Google analyses a website, it will only focus on the content and the way information is presented. No matter which CMS software you use to create the web pages, every page is ultimately coded in HTML, therefore a search engine may not be able to deduce the platform a website runs on. From this we can conclude search engines will not favour nor penalise a particular CMS or website publishing software.

Although technically a CMS does not have a SEO advantage over hand-written HTML sites, it does simplify the management of various pages, especially for large sites with many pages. Most CMS systems use a design template which creates a consistent look throughout the whole site. When you make changes to common elements such as the header or footer, say for search engine optimisation purposes, the changes will be applied to the whole site.

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