Stop Competitors Clicking on Your Google Ads

The phenomenal growth of the Internet has created a lot more competition for advertisers online and rapidly increased click costs. As the level of online advertising spending has increased so has the level of accountability which has seen many businesses suspect they are victims of suspicious click activity which is generally defined as “click fraud”.

What is click fraud?

Click fraud occurs when a person or a programmed script incurs a “pay per click” charge event for you the advertiser by causing a legitimate visit to your website. Our experience shows that search engines such as Google have generally been good at detecting unwanted clicks from scripts and automated bots, however, have been unable to stop the activity of companies regularly clicking on their competitors’ ads to “use up” their daily budget so their competitors’ ads will no longer display. Search Detective

A unique & affordable way to minimise click fraud and maximise your pay per click budget
How does Search Detective Work?

Step 1 – Problem Identification implements code in your website and pay per click campaign which monitors the following information:

– Total Paid Search Traffic compared to Unique Visitors
– Traffic Reconciliation (independently compare Google clicks)
– IP Address monitoring and tracking (check if the same IP Address keeps clicking on your ads)

After setting up our code we closely monitor for any suspicious click activity and provide your business with a monthly report detailing if you have a click fraud problem and the extent of the unwanted clicks.

International research indicates that up to 20% of pay per click advertising budgets can be wasted by click fraud.

Step 2 – Implementing the Solution (Click Fraud Prevention)

Upon the identification of any unwanted clicks will implement a program where we change the configuration of your Google campaign to prevent any repeated click activity.

Up until now the cost to monitor click fraud has been thousands of dollars, however, with we can set up our service for only A$295 + GST and continuously monitor your campaign for only A$49 + GST per month.

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