Stop the Wrong Titles Showing In Ads

Q. When I search for my ads, they are coming up with the wrong title, how can I stop this?

A. If you’re a Sydney removalist, and somebody searches ‘eastern suburbs removalists’, it’s probably fairly safe to say that you don’t want ‘Western Sydney Removalists’ as the title of your ad. Yet why does it continue to happen?

There are an array of reasons for this – most likely poor campaign segmentation, broad match keywords and a lack of negative keywords but a little effort can address the problem. Firstly, each geographical area needs their own ad group and a dedicated ad. Secondly, the more specific you are with the type of keyword, and the relationship it has with your ad, the more likely it is to show a relevant ad. Finally, you can include ad group level negative keywords – for instance, the Eastern Suburbs ad group would use ‘west’ and ‘western’ as negative keywords.

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