Striking Ad Copy: 5 Must Do Tips

Tip 1: Highlight what differentiates your product from your competitors.

You want your ad to stand out from competitors so do your homework to determine their angle and how they are promoting their product or service. If most of the ads are statements, then try using a rhetorical question. If you see a trend in the word ‘Quality’ use ‘Luxury’ or ‘High End’. It is important to think about your customer and how they will benefit from your product or service.  What makes your product or service distinctive? If you offer special deals such as ‘Free shipping or 24 hour support’ let your customer know. You should also think about any awards you have won. Are you certified? All of these ‘selling points’ boosts your credibility and builds trust with your customer so don’t forget to include them in your ad copy.

Tip 2: Make sure you use keywords In Your Ad Copy

To make your ad copy striking includes specific keywords in your title or the description so that the searcher is convinced that your website is the right one for them. For example, if you are targeting the keyword ‘wedding packages’ make sure that is included in the description. It will draw the searcher to your ad and show that your ad is relevant. If you feel your ad copy is strong enough you can always use keywords in your display URL. Ensure that your ad copy is clear and makes sense so that it doesn’t present like spam.

Tip 3: Test out Different Ads

You should trial a few different ads and “Split-test” your ads to determine which one deliver you the best “Click through rate”. Make sure the ads are distinctively different to discover what elicits a response or reaction from your customers. Examples include the price of your product, promoting unique products, highlighting quality, asking a question or a noting a point of difference with your competition.

Tip 4: Include a Call to Action

This is your one and only chance to tell your customers exactly what you want them to do and can be considered the most important. This is the step that’s designed to convince searchers to progress. Make sure you make your intentions perfectly clear. This will optimise your chances of receiving the results you want. Examples include: Enquire, Call, View, Read, Discover, Watch and Uncover.

 Tip 5: Remember

You only have 25 characters in the heading and 70 in the description to make your message count!

Any Tips of you own? Post them in the comment section below and our expert PPC team will get back to you.

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