Submitting URLs to Google

Update the URLs in Google’s index quickly and easily

Google have announced a new way of ensuring that specific web pages are crawled swiftly by Google’s crawlers – using Fetch as Googlebot. This tool has been available for quite some time as a troubleshooting tool for evaluating poor performance and to use it you must have your site added and verified through Google Webmaster Tools. The update to the tool ensures individual pages can be crawled quicker than through the routine crawl discovery process.

The Fetch as Googlebot feature can be found in your Google Webmaster Tools account and allows website owners to submit newly created and updated URLs to Google for quick indexing – usually within one day according to Google (provided the ‘fetch’ is successful). This can have a significant impact on your SEO strategy and your individual web page performance as it’s faster than waiting for pages to be discovered by a routine Google crawl.

While there are advantages to having pages crawled quickly, the same basic rules apply –  there is no guarantee that the page or pages will be indexed.

Using the Fetch as Googlebot Tool

There are a number of scenarios where this tool becomes very useful – new site launches and new page additions; previously indexed pages that have new content or in a scenario where you have published something incorrectly – for example you may have published incorrect details about a forthcoming sale or special discount and you need to address the error quickly.

You will find the Fetch as Googlebot tool in the Diagnostics section of your Webmaster Tools account. There is a limit of 50 URLs per week, so if you have a large site with a significant number of pages that need to be crawled, it’s probably wiser to submit your sitemap URL rather than submitting each URL individually.

Entire sites can now be submitted unverified through the updated ‘Crawl URL’ form (formerly the ‘Add your URL to Google’ form). This means pages can be submitted to be crawled without the requirement for site owner verification.

Follow this link to read more about updates to the Fetch as Googlebot tool.

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